Nontraditional Video Vignettes

Wealth & Wisdom

The Next 3000 Days



An Uneasy Awareness



The Business of Learning



Misguided Wisdom



The Defining Moment



The Thought Process



Transfers of Wealth



Owning a Home






Qualified Plans



Money Matrix






The Family Legacy



The Charitable Legacy



Your Circle of Wealth

Your Circle of Wealth



Retirement: Ready or Not



Opportunity Cost



Spender, Saver, Wealth Creator



Qualified Plans Do Two Things



The Luck Factor



Driving Your Future



How Much Disability Coverage?



Maximize Your Deductions



You May Not Be Saving Taxes



Avoiding the Losses



Standing in the Tax Line



The Income Game



Everything You Know You Think is True



Calculating Your Income & Wealth Potential



Interest You Earn vs. Interest You Lose



The Cost of Procrastination



Average Rate of Return vs. Real Rate of Return



Personal Economic Model

Did You Know?



Human Nature



Recoup vs. Recover



Before You Buy



Pay Cash or Finance



War Between Current & Future



Financial Warning Signs



Three Different Strategies



The Zero Financial Line



Problems With Consumer Debt



Problems With Paying Cash



Collateral Capacity



Toughest Financial Questions



Balanced Financial Approach



Your Income & Wealth Potential



Human Life Value



The Tax Filter



Lifestyle Regulator



Major Capital Purchases



Qualified Plan Contributions



College Funding

How Will I Pay For College?



Expected Family Contribution



Sticker Price



The Importance of Planning



Private or Public



The Unrecognized Cost of College



Head, Heart, Hand



Borrowing for College



Timing is Everything



Will a Scholarship Be the Solution?



Some Non-Traditional College Planning Solutions



One Year Degree



Most Expensive Year



How to Eat an Elephant



How Much is Too Much?



The Importance of Staying Connected



4000 Colleges



College, Then Career



Golf & Your Money

Club vs. Swing



Practice: Who Has Time?



Drive for Show & Putt for Dough



Risk & Reward



Avoiding the Hazards



Cart or Caddie



Your Favorite Club



The Club vs. The Swing



Don't Forget Your Short Game



Play From the Right Set of Tees



Improving Your Short Game






Black, Blue, White or Gold



Course Management



Hook or Slice, Fade or Draw



Fair Weather Golfer



New Grips



Getting On In Regulation